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View Our Dream Wedding Slide Show

The Dream Wedding Winning Couple:
Matt Rheney & Stephanie Bryant

Our Dream Wedding Couple

Stephanie and Matt have been together for two years. Matt says that Stephanie is truly an angel sent from heaven for him. On August 24, 2005, Matt asked Stephanie to marry him and she said yes. They set a date for October, 2006. Everything was going great until the end of 2005 when Matt began to have discomfort and pain in his left hip and leg. After three or four months of pain, Matt finally had an MRI done on his hip. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with a disease called Avasular Necrosis in both hips.

Matt is doing a lot better now after having surgery. Stephanie was always by his side, and words cannot express the feelings and emotions that he has for Stephanie. Matt would love to give Stephanie a dream wedding because in Matt's eyes, she deserves it.

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