Want to get rid of the West Nile Virus?

September 25, 2006

Albany -- Want to get rid of the West Nile Virus? You've got to get rid of the source: mosquitoes.

One common home for mosquitoes is old tires that sit around and collect water, a perfect breeding ground. Albany and Dougherty County Public Works departments, as well as keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful, want you to dump those old tires for free.

"During all of our research we were finding there was so many tires throughout the county that the West Nile Virus had such a strong opportunity to grow the mosquito, to grow the eggs and made us a lot more volatile for further problems with the West Nile Virus," said County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

In addition to getting rid of mosquitoes, the tire cleanup is also planned to improve the appearance of the county. 

Only tires from your personal vehicle or those stored around your home are allowed. Drop off is from 9AM to 4PM October 7th, at Radium Middle School, Clark Avenue and Maple, Newton Road and Monroe and third Avenue and Slappey.

For more information, call 430-5257.

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