Logos Plus

Logos Plus are specialty advertising brokers.  They have everything you can think of from company pens and koozies to luggage and logo imprinted fresh roses.  They have sales reps that help businesses choose specialty products that are best fit to represent them.  For example, special pink breast cancer awareness calculators for doctor's offices.

Logos Plus is connected electronically with all of their suppliers.  This allows them access to the best prices, special deals, and sometimes reduced rates on shipping.

While Logos Plus doesn't specialize in weddings, they do have everything you could need for those special touches, including:

  • invitations
  • napkins
  • fans
  • matchbooks
  • programs
  • cups
  • champagne glasses
  • bubbles
  • seed packets
  • the list goes on and on...

If you're going to be ordering anything from the above list, check with Logos Plus first for the best deal.  Visit us online to search our inventory: www.logosplus.com

Businesses looking on this page can also go to the Logos Plus website at www.logosplus.com to see how we can supply your company needs.