Witnesses watch towers fall to the ground

June 7, 2006 

Colquitt County-- A lot of people in Doerun feel like a part of their town is now missing. They were shocked last week when that Chinook helicopter carrying five soldiers crashed into the WFXL tower.  Wednesday evening, they witnessed another shocking sight.    

It was a view from the top as many tried to get as close as they could to an historic moment in the town of Doerun.

"It's not something that you get to see every day," said Cara Pierce. It's something that brought Cara Pierce all the way from Lee County. From her street side seat, she focused her two eyes on the two towers.  Through binoculars, she found some early reservations.

"Hopefully all will go right, but I don't know," said Pierce. But right down the street, questions and curiosity also filled the air. William Brooks and his son Clayton had an even better picture from their chairs in the backyard.  After 6 p.m Wednesday, they had a good from their wire fence.

Brooks straddled the fence on what he thought will happen to the towers.

"I ain't never seen nothing like this. I can't tell you the honest truth," said Brooks.

But the truth is, he wouldn't miss this for the world. And the minutes leading up to the big moment seemed to creep by.

"Anticipation," said Brooks.

But then right before their eyes, it happened. "My God, my God!  Oh my God!  Did you see that?," said Brooks as the towers came down.

It's a moment this father and son will never forget. "It's sad people lost their life, and now the TV stations have lost their towers. It can be rebuilt. Those lives can't be put back together," said Brooks. Brooks says both the military crash and the towers coming down happened in an instant.

"Two minutes and it was over."

And just that quickly, his backyard view is now a bit different. The tower lights that used to let him know how close he was to home are no longer. "It's changed, there ain't nothing there now," said Brooks.

That view is now changed until those towers can be rebuilt.  Most people who witnessed the towers coming down call it an historic moment they'll remember for a long time.