Demolition attempt brings down both TV towers

 June 7, 2006

Doerun -- For nearly 40 years, the 1,000 foot tall steel tower that enabled WALB's signal to cover Southwest Georgia stood against the agricultural countryside of Colquitt County.

At 6:32 Wednesday evening, it became the final victim of a military helicopter crash that happened six days earlier.

What started as a text-book perfect example of the demolition of WFXL's wounded tower only took a couple of seconds to end in disaster for both of the steel giants. The WFXL tower fell way from the WALB tower according to plan for a moment, but the guy wires that everyone knew were the Achilles heel of the project proved to be the fatal aspect of the experiment.

The guy wires, which were intermingled with those that kept the WALB tower erect since 1967, flailed their way through the maze of steel cables, disrupting them to the point that the WALB tower lost its support, and collapsed mere seconds after the tower that was intentionally destroyed.

Now both sticks lie in a twisted heap on the transmitter site property owned by Raycom Media.

Both WALB and WFXL are still seen over the air via temporary low-power transmitters installed at the WALB studio in Albany.