WALB 24/7 Weather :Live Online

WALB 24/7 Weather :Live Online

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WALB Live Online is a FREE small, simple application which you can download and install on your Windows based personal computer. It is the perfect companion to another WALB feature-Personal Forecast .

WALB Live Online Features

  • Current temperature and weather conditions display on your computer
  • Severe weather warning alerts from the National Weather Service
  • Notification of breaking news
  • Links and summaries of current local news
  • Hour by hour forecasts for regional locations
  • Regional and local satellites and radars
  • Hour by hour forecast for high schools in the area
  • Hour by hour forecasts for South Georgia  golf courses
  • Airport conditions for the entire country
  • It's absolutely FREE!!

When the  WALB Live Online is used together with WALB Personal Forecast , you get the best of both worlds.

Live Online + Personal Forecast Features

  • All the above features + more detailed specific weather information
  • Severe weather alerts by regular and wireless e-mail
  • County specific severe weather warnings, watches and advisories, including maps - all defined by YOU
  • Direct link to your personal forecast web page
  • Hour by hour forecast for up to four locations
  • It's still absolutely FREE!

How to Operate WALB Live Online

Live Online has three modes of operation.
1) Minimized, where the WALB icon is displayed in your desktop system tray.
2) Slimline, where you view the latest weather conditions and access four links to more news and weather information within the Full Mode.

3) Full Mode , where you have access to 12 different content areas including streaming video, radar and satellite images, and much, much more!.

All you need is an internet connection (broadband recommended) to receive the benefits of the WALB Live Online.

click here to Download FREE WALB Live Online Now!