Learn More About Dr. Powell

Known as a man of great vision, Dr. Powell's ministry is respected locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Powell is founder of Stand Up Again Outreach, Inc., a subsidiary of Rhema Word International Ministries. An outreach ministry to the region and the world, Stand Up Again services both the local community and several foreign countries. Stand Up Again has adopted a local housing project that helps meet the needs of the community through a youth reading program, homework assistance, abstinence education and self-esteem education. Dr. Powell has an undying love for those who are hurting and has fervently ministered to them. Since 1985, he has ministered tirelessly to the hungry, alcoholics, prostitutes, drug addicts and the homeless. Regionally, people are impacted weekly by the Word of God through the "Stand Up Again" television broadcast. This broadcast seeks to empower the people of the region to become agents of change in their own communities by challenging mindsets concerning economic empowerment, and political involvement. Internationally, God has used Dr. Powell and Stand Up Again to serve others by sending missionaries and financial resources to other countries. Presently, Stand Up Again serves the countries of Ghana and Haiti. In 2000, a team of missionaries went to Mexico to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people experienced healing and deliverance. In Haiti, Rhema Word and Stand Up Again are actively involved in the building of a church and school. Annually, Dr. Powell, along with a ministry and medical team travels to Ghana, Africa to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide medical care to thousands of Ghanaians. The medical teams have included doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists with medicines and supplies valued well over $400,000.

Dr. Powell is the President and CEO of VLP, Inc. VLP, Inc. provides training and motivational speaking to corporations and agencies. Training topics include cultural diversity, conflict resolution, how to adapt to change in the work environment, stress management, and customer service. VLP, Inc. uses the concept of "Think Big" to inspire many to discover their purpose and reach their life goals.

In October 2002, Dr. Powell was consecrated to the office of Bishop by Archbishop Earl Paulk of the International Charismatic Communion of Churches in Decatur, GA and presently serves on the College of Bishops for the International Charismatic Communion of Churches. In 2006, he received an Honorary Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Midwest Theological Institute of Indiana.

Dr. Powell is a leader, teacher, and motivator and realizes the mandate on his life is global. He is a world traveler, having traveled to Africa, Asia, and North America. Dr. Powell currently serves on the Board of Directors for Albany Georgia's Chamber of Commerce, Apostolic Worship Enterprise and Capitol City Bank. He has also served on the Albany Dougherty Governmental Study Commission & County Commission. In 2004 Dr. Powell served as Chaplain of the Day for the House of Representatives in Atlanta, Georgia.

A dynamic speaker, Dr. Powell's messages are masterfully captured in audio and video series. In 2003, Dr. Powell released his first book entitled, Closet Ministry: The Power of Prayer and the Release of Destiny. This book has become a leading authority on prayer in the Body of Christ, as it helps believers to understand the importance of developing a life of communion with God. Closet Ministry has been used by ministries in many parts of the world as a tool to teach principles of prayer.

Dr. Powell is a physician of the soul. He ministers a word of truth, healing, restoration, and deliverance. He uses his life as a testament to God's faithfulness and love. Dr. Powell has a prophetic word that is relevant for education, business, communities, and various other institutions. He teaches empowerment for all people, especially those who are impoverished and oppressed.

Dr. Powell is married to the former Sandra F. Smiley and has three children.