Worldwide church movement hits South Georgia

April 9, 2006

Lee County -- You may have seen signs around town asking "What's the Pointe?" We set out to find the answer to that question, and found a new non-traditional church that's drawing big crowds.

The Pointe now meets at the Parks at Chehaw. It's a church that came together from a book.

It's for those who want to worship with a rock band.

"More of a mix between pop and rock and spiritual, the lyric is very spritual," said Chanh Tu.

For those who need a place for their children to learn about God.

"They seem to go above and beyond for my children," said Dana Wetzstein.

And for those who don't like more traditional churches and are seeking a new way to worship.

"We just want to offer an option for those who have had that experience. We want to bring them to the point that they know they are loved by Jesus Christ," said Paster Brian Gerstell.

And that's the whole point. It doesn't matter what you wear when you come to church, or if you sit, stand, or even dance.

It's modeled after best-selling book "The Purpose Driven Church" by Rick Warren. Purpose Driven churches like The Pointe are popping up across the country, and Albany's is growing faster than most.

"It's something outside of the norm. We like that it's different, a different approach to church, it's unique," said Don Mitchell.

It's a casual worship atmosphere where the Bible's message comes across, but members come as they are. Currently there more than 100,000 churches involved with the purpose driven movement worldwide.

The Pointe welcomes anyone from the community to worship at The Parks at Chehaw Education Center each Sunday morning at 9:30 and 11:00.