SOWEGA Council on Aging Additional Programs and Services

SOWEGA Council on Aging Additional Programs and Services
Senior Centers provide safe and pleasant places for numerous planned activities.
Senior Centers provide safe and pleasant places for numerous planned activities.

ACTO (Alzheimer's Caregiver Time Out)
This program offers a chance for the Alzheimer Participant to engage in simple social and recreational activities led by trained staff and volunteers. At the same time, the program offers the caregivers some leisure time. In-home respite care is also available to provide temporary relief for the families.

The staff of the Council on Aging serves as advocate for the elderly within the community by monitoring, evaluating, and commenting upon all policies, programs, hearings, levies, and community actions which will affect the elderly. They speak out and make recommendations to see that the needs and rights of senior citizens are well served.

Elder Abuse Prevention
This program provides community education and outreach services to identify and prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older people by promoting public awareness and sensitivity to the subject and by working with agencies already established for this purpose.

Elderly Legal Services
A full time coordinator on legal concerns of the elderly provides information and community education. Sixty three volunteer attorneys, along with one supervising attorney, provide probono or reduced fee services upon referral from the coordinator. This service is provided to all people 60 and older in the 14-county area. Call (229) 432-1131.

Family Caregiver
This program supports Caregivers caring for a relative 60+ in the home to reduce the burden and stress of caregiving. It also provides assistance with some costs of care, education, emotional support, and information and referral.

This program provides staff, & trained volunteer counselors to help older citizens understand the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, long term care insurance, and related health insurance concerns and to help seniors to make informed decisions regarding their health insurance needs. Assistance is provided for seniors to obtain free & reduced prescription drugs. Call (229) 432-1131 or 1-800-669-8387.

Kinship Care
A program for Grandparents raising Grandchildren. It provides support groups, which will offer education, advocacy, and support to these families.

Life Long Planning
This program promotes financial and personal independence for aging Georgians.

Planning and Development
The staff of the Council on Aging works with groups throughout the 14 county area to help plan programs to assist the elderly. This assistance may be in the form of grant writing or making presentations to local government officials or community organizations. Local support is essential to the success of the programs affecting the elderly.

Senior Center/Nutritional Program
Senior Centers provide safe and pleasant places for numerous planned activities including congregate meals. These good, nutritious meals are provided 5 days a week for those 60 and over and for their spouses. At the centers, participants may enjoy classes in nutrition, arts and crafts, go on outings, participate in projects, and enjoy the opportunity to visit with one another. Transportation is provided and information and referral service is available at each center.

Telephone Reassurance
To someone who is homebound, it is reassuring to have a daily telephone call. Telephone Reassurance helps to reduce social isolation and ensures the health and safety of the elderly person with regular contacts. Call (229) 432-1131.

Title V
This service is contracted through the Grady County Board of Education in Cairo, GA. It provides job opportunities for people 55 and older who meet certain income requirements. Call (229) 377-3701.