Students on different spring break

February 22, 2006

Albany -- Some Canadian college students are spending their Spring Break here in Albany. While it may not be the typical tropical paradise this time of year, the students are enjoying their vacation by getting to work. The group is helping the Albany community with a little constructive creativity.

For the average college student, spring break is a break from the books and schoolwork. Meagan Tompkins is using her break, to get right back to work.

"I just think it's a rewarding experience," Tompkins says. "When we came there were no floors everything was falling apart. When we leave we're going to really see a difference."

A forty hour roadtrip brought these college students from north of the border to south Georgia. The volunteers are helping out with Flint River Habitat for Humanity's latest building project.

But not only are these students giving up their spring breaks, they're also giving what some have called a gift to the Albany community. That's because they're rebuilding the future home of Habitat's downtown office.

"It's been really nice to be a part of downtown Albany. This home is going to help us celebrate our 20th anniversary here and give us a permanant presence here," says the project's construction manager Penny Armitage. 

It's a service students like Taigh Macmanus are more than happy to do.

"Instead of freezing in a classroom at school you get to come on out have a good time, meet new people. Like I said it's productive. You learn a lot out here."

Tompkins also says she gets a lot out of coming to help out. "It's a hard day... but in the end, its worth it."

One thing's for sure, the students on this team are anything but bored this spring break.