Job outlook promising

December 29, 2005

By: Robbyn DeSpain

Albany- There is good news if you're looking for a job. The Georgia Department of Labor says despite the recent announced closing at Merck, the shutdown at Bobs Candies, and layoffs at the Marine Base, you can find a job here in South Georgia.

"The projections for jobs going forward look pretty good. The areas that are the most popular are administrative support occupations, production operations, sales and related occupations, education, and of course healthcare are the biggest areas," says Manager of the Georgia Department of Labor in Albany Norman Race.

Race also says they have all kinds of resources to help you if you are looking for a new job.

"We have a resource library where they can do research on various jobs and techniques on how to find a job and we have computers set up with all the internet resources that are available."

If you are a recent college graduate and know what field you want to enter, the Department of Labor can assist you in putting your best foot forward.

Race says: "If you have a resume, to make it very professional, because that's the first impression that an employer has of you."

 The Georgia Department of Labor's website has a listing of current job openings in the state and can also assist employers looking for help.

"All the regulations and rules and regulations of the state department of labor are there for you. Posters are available online. We also have information available for workforce professionals," says Race.

The unemployment rate did go up about 2 tenths of a percent from October to November. But Race says, the department of Labor is working hard to get those out of work, back on the job as soon as possible.

The Georgia Department of Labor's website is