Albany school makes safety changes

Local school making changes that have to do with safety

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One Albany school is in the process of making some safety changes.

Sherwood Acres Elementary school has made a few changes.

Principal Yvette Simmons said the school is putting up new safety screen decals at the school.

"The new safety screen decals to make sure the students are secure is our number one concern here at Sherwood Acres Elementary school," said Simmons.

Sherwood Acres started putting them up at the main entrance and is in the process of getting them up around the school.

"We have finished phase one, we are in the process of outfitting the entire school with these safety screens and decals. We can see outside but we can't see inside," explained Simmons. "This was done to make sure that the students are safe because we are between two major streets, Stewart Avenue as well as Whispering Pines. And we are also near a busy street, Dawson Road near the mall."

Principle Simmons along with her staff want to always make sure that they are keeping the students at Sherwood Acres Elementary safe.

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