Harmony Jubilee brings hot air balloon rides to Fitzgerald

Harmony Jubilee brings hot air balloon rides to Fitzgerald
A balloon from last year's festival (Source: WALB)
A balloon from last year's festival (Source: WALB)

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - Hot air balloons will fill the sky in Fitzgerald this weekend as they kick off their Harmony Jubilee.

Hot air balloons that are six stories high and 90,000 cubic feet in size will float over Paulk Park starting Friday afternoon.

The festival offers both tethered and untethered rides for all ages.

We spoke with one of the returning pilots this year, about what keeps him coming back to fly the balloons.

"It's kind of neat coming down here to Fitzgerald," said Dale Pattyn. "These small rally's when you have about 4 to 8 balloons are really nice. It's nice to come to a smaller community and really kind of interact with the community a little more, get involved, and see what it's all about."

To take a ride on these balloons you must per-register.

The weekend also includes a 5K color run, 7-mile bike ride, and more.

You can see a full list of events here.

Weekend event turnout.

Organizers of the event say nearly three thousand people visited the city this weekend.

Sunday morning was the final flight.

Four hot air balloons took to the sky toting 12 passengers.

We talked to the main organizer of the event who said being able to show people something different leaves a lasting impact.

"We do have a high poverty rate in our community and so anytime we can bring the world to them the better we all are," said Brandy Elrod, the Director of Tourism, Arts, and Culture for the city of Fitzgerald.

She said the committee for the Jubilee plans to meet next weekend to collaborate on ideas for next year's event.

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