Sumter County sheriff wants to stop youth crime

Sumter County Sheriff talks about local crime

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - The Sumter County sheriff met with community members on Thursday in hopes of stopping the recent crimes here in the town.

One key takeaway from neighbors was how crime seems to start at a younger age.

Neighbors also said drive-by shootings, gang violence and other crimes seem to have increased in recent months.

They are encouraging law enforcement to take action early, so young people aren't growing up to become criminals.

Sheriff Pete Smith agreed it's too easy for young adults to get a hold of guns.

"Human life like I said is so precious and there's people fighting every day to try and live and try to do. We don't need this type of violence, it's too easy for young people to get their hands on guns. If they can't buy them, then they steal them," said Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith.

Both Smith and community leaders agreed to continue to hold meetings like this until they can find a solution.

Sheriff Smith said his department will do everything it can to stop youth crime.

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