Mitchell Co. Fire and Rescue needs citizens to fill volunteer departments

Mitchell Co. fire and rescue needs volunteers to fill volunteer departments
Tom Fields, Chief of the Mitchell County Fire and Rescue. (Source: WALB).
Tom Fields, Chief of the Mitchell County Fire and Rescue. (Source: WALB).

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Mitchell County said it is looking for more citizens to volunteer at a number of their fire departments to help other citizens.

"We need as many firefighters as we can, and there's certain benefits to be a volunteer firefighter," said Mitchell County Board of Commissioners Administrator Clark Harrell.

Harrell said volunteer firefighters are needed because of the 22 volunteer fire departments located throughout the county.

"The purpose for having so many volunteer fire departments, the actual trucks located throughout the county, is because we want to include as many citizens as we can, within five miles of a fire truck," explained Harrell.

Mitchell County Fire and Rescue responds to emergencies outside of Pelham and Camilla.

With the number of citizens in the county, the volunteer stations are needed to help homeowners.

"By having a fire department and fire trucks located within five miles of a particular homeowner, that thereby benefits that homeowner with lower insurance ratings," said Harrell.

The fire chief of Mitchell County Fire Rescue said it also helps the county respond to fires and emergencies more quickly.

"The end result, the insurance company is betting on the fact that it's going to take less time for you to get there. Less time to fight a fire and less damage to the home they're insuring," said Mitchell County Fire and Rescue Fire Chief Tom Fields.

Although the county has over 100 volunteers and 22 fire stations, officials said they still need more volunteers to continue to help protect their citizens.

"There are incidents where large scale fires where we certainly work with the city fire departments and have as many volunteers participate as we can in events," said Harrell.

Now, officials said volunteer firefighters can see major benefits like becoming a certified firefighter and becoming eligible for firefighter retirement plans after five years.

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