Watch 'Licensed To Pill' on WALB and Roku

(WALB) - It's a prescription drug so dangerous, doctors have to follow critical safety steps before prescribing it.

But there is one problem - the same company that is making the regulations for the drug is the one prescribing it.

"Licensed to Pill," a groundbreaking Raycom Media investigation, exposed the top opioid prescribers and uncovered their questionable methods of doling out pain pills.

The investigative series uncovered some of the most aggressive prescribers of opioids in the country - doctors, nurse practitioners, even physician assistants - have largely avoided scrutiny, all while creating addicts amidst one of the deadliest drug epidemics in American history.

Don't miss the special documentary, Licensed to Pill, Monday August 13 at 7pm on WALB NBC, on the WALB Roku app Tuesday August 14, and Saturday August 18 at 7pm on WALB ABC.

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