Berrien Rebels looking forward to 2018 season

Rebels rolling into 2018 with a new head coach

NASHVILLE, GA (WALB) - In Nashville Georgia, the Berrien Rebels are hard at work getting prepared for their opening season matchup… which is less than a month away.

But this season feels different for the Rebels.

After finishing the 2017 season 4 – 7, the Rebels believe they have something to prove.

"We doing everything as a family now," said junior Defensive End Jaden Wheeler. "Like, we trying to become one. Last year we were all scattered out. But this year we trying to be one blood one family."

A big part of this change could be because of first year head coach Tim Alligood.

Who of course wants to focus on this teams turn around… but is also making sure he is molding his players into young men.

"Football is a metaphor for life," said Head football coach Tim Alligood. "And there is no better way to develop a young man then this game right here. This is a game of adversity and they overcoming adversity every day. "

With coach Alligood taking the reins... these players can already see a change coming soon.

"I've seen a lot more leadership built I think and a lot more team work going on," said Junior J. Manry Ford.

But it's not just the players who are buying in… it's the community who is also showing their support for their Rebels.

"I think a lot of people around here," said Ford, "a lot of businesses are helping out with the new stadium and everything. I think everybody's trying to help out and get us where we need to be."

"This is something that's been a long time coming," said Alligood. "I think it's got a lot of juice in the community and with the kids. So, that right there in it's self has given us a lot of momentum."

The Rebels are ready to go for the 2018 season and are excited to see what this season has in store for them.

"We going to have some school spirit, some town spirit. Everyone comes and supports us. I'm just thankful for all that." said senior Defensive Tackle Nijia Barron.