Storm relief efforts still going strong after severe weather

Storm relief efforts still going strong after severe weather storm

ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - Sunday night, Arlington Police said a number of residents are still without power and water in that city after a severe storm swept through the area.

The police chief said that half of the City of Arlington is still without power and water and because of that, the community and officials from multiple counties worked hard all day to get the City of Arlington back to where it used to be before the storm.

Downed trees, snapped branches, and loads of debris is the sight many residents in Arlington are still seeing after a severe storm came through their city on Saturday morning.

"I looked up and said I can't see through the backyard and about that time, I hollered because this tree was coming down," said Patsy Bostwick, Citizen of Arlington.

Patsy Bostwick has been living in her home in Arlington since she was four years old. As she was sitting down to relax near the window, suddenly out of no where she saw a tree coming down just inches away from her.

"I will say I was probably in shock once those limbs came down. I didn't hear any roar. I didn't hear any of that. I just saw the tree coming down," said Bostwick.

A house that stood strong for the last 100 years, now damaged with a huge tree collapsed through its roof and debris spread throughout her yard. The damage compelled a number of community leaders and churches to assist her and many others along Pioneer Road.

"We have a lot of homes without water or electricity. So we're still in need and we got a lot of people coming out volunteering helping. Georgia Power is on their job," said Tyron George, Councilman of the City of Arlington.

Officials and volunteers from several surrounding counties said they canceled their plans for this weekend to pitch in to help those in need.

"Our church New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, we got all the members together today. We didn't have service but we came out to do what we can to try to help the community," said Jeffery Haynes, Pastor of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

"This community has been pulling together for more years than I've been alive and this is the perfect example," said Bostwick.

City Councilman said Georgia Power and Public Works officials are working to restore power and water for residents.

The Chief of Police for Arlington said, they hope to have water and power restored by Monday.

The National Weather Service representatives will be in Arlington on Monday to assess the damages and determine what type of storm came through the area.

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