Last customer of Mercedes Street homicide victim speaks out

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany community is reeling Friday night after a violent crime spree that left one Alabama man dead.

Albany Police found  Che'valier Paul, 45, shot to death outside of a home on Mercedes Street early Wednesday morning.

"I woke up to a nightmare. It woke me up. I'm serious," said Larry Robinson, Owner of Albany Auto Glass.

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Robinson said a drop-off that normally occurs every day at 5 a.m. for years ended up being his worst nightmare.

"Five o'clock that morning, I heard two gunshots and I looked out the blinds and didn't see nobody," said Robinson.

He said he instantly got out of the bed, went to his front door, and that's when he saw Paul, the man who's been delivering glass for his company for months, shot.

"I come out on the porch and I see the door opened on the van and he was slumped over in the seat," said Robinson.

A crime scene just 50 feet away from his front door.

"It's senseless that a man that's pursuing an acting career and working while trying to pursue the acting career get's killed doing a job on a five minute drop," said Larry Robinson Jr.

The father and son believe the two suspects watched Paul make the drop-off thinking an exchange of money would occur.

"They deliver early in the morning at 4 to 5:00 in the morning to make it convenient for everybody so that our glass is here in the morning when we start our work day," said Robinson Jr.

"These people who deliver glass don't handle any money. I don't keep money here," said Robinson.

According to his family, they could have been a target.

"They was either planning to rob my father or planning to rob the delivery guy. One or the other," said Robinson Jr.

And after this killing, they're encouraging people to speak up.

"If they want to be safe, they have to speak up," said Robinson Jr.

Right now, this family said they want the memorial of Paul to forever remain alive and they will continue to mourn with Paul's family and friends.

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