Bainbridge businesses taking extra precautions after burglary

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Early Thursday morning, the Verizon Wireless store off Tallahassee Highway was burglarized by a man who took a sledgehammer to the front door.

He ran off with 15 devices, and Bainbridge Public Safety is searching for the burglar.

All the serial numbers from the 15 devices that were stolen are currently in the Bainbridge Police system.

Verizon's manager was not available to speak about the matter.

But no more then 30 yards beside the Verizon building, Aaron's manager Jason Etienne said he didn't even know about the robbery.

Etienne said he is worried about the safety of his store and his employees.

"It definitely worries me," said Etienne. "Being that I didn't even know at the point and time. But finding out that information, definitely puts a lot of alarms in my head. Especially at night time of course and even early in the morning. You just want to double check and make sure about your surroundings and everything in that nature."

Luckily Aaron's already has some safety features that will prevent a similar situation.

On any given day the store could see $10,000 in revenue.

And now with this scare happening next door, Jason and his employees will now make sure they go over all the safety precautions.

"Make sure the alarm is set for sure, and make sure that we are following our protocol," said Etienne. "Just because we don't want something like that happening to us."

But for Jason, he will ensure the safety of his employees the best he can no matter what that takes.

"Just making sure that we take the extra steps just to make sure everything is safe and secure and sound around here," said Etienne.

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