SGTC hosts emergency training drill

E.M.T. and nursing students were thrown into a simulated active shooter scene at South Georgia Technical College Thursday,  to test their response.    

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - There were over 150 players in this drill that included EMT, nursing students, as well as law enforcement and first responders.

Students were able to work side by side with professionals, learn, and drill on what they should do in case of an attack.

The Sounds of gunfire boomed over the South Georgia Technical College campus, but it was just a drill.  The students and first responders took part in a high-stress emergency response drill with an active shooter.

"Unfortunately the world we live in there's more and more of these. We want to make sure that if we ever have one of these incidents that we are trained and know what to do," said Nigel Poole, EMA Director for Sumter County.

For advanced EMT student, Tyler Daniel, he said it was unlike anything he's experienced.

"It's exhilarating. It makes you think on your toes. It puts all of the stuff you've learned and have learned into perspective," said Daniel.

Daniel explained although it was challenging it was also rewarding and reminded him of why he wanted to serve.

"Two of my best friends were killed in the line of duty and the only thing I could think about was being there for them and helping them," said Daniel.

First responders said they made the scene as real as possible for students to get a feel for the fast-paced environment.

"There's going to be actual gunfire sounds. The victims that are in there are going to be acting like they are really injured and when the students first come into the gym it's going to feel like a real environment," said Chris Holloway,  Engineer, Americus Fire Department.

All parties agree that the drill was a success and helped students prepare for their careers.

"Something like this just prepares you for anything, basically," said Daniel.

The mock victims were transported to Phoebe Sumter and the Georgia South Western Nursing building to allow training for the nursing students.

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