Search continues to find Deanna Shirey

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Thomas County community and local law enforcement have been searching for Deanna Shirey, who's been missing for 10 days now.

Thomasville residents believe the community is essential in getting the word out, especially to those who aren't on social media or have access to a newspaper.

In the early days of the search, Shirey's family went around Thomasville asking businesses to put up flyers in their store fronts.

"We have gone into businesses who have made their own flyer," said Nick Abiusi, Shirey's son-in-law. "We've cried with business owners, we have prayed with business owners. And we thank them for their support, and keeping mom's picture out."

Shirey's son, Rick Ramos said they are still handing out flyers.

A number of Thomasville stores have Shirey's flyers posted.

Janet Wilfred, an employee at Ryan's Christian Book Store, said they're keeping her flyer up for one simple reason.

"It helps keep her presence alive," said Wilfred.

Allen Corbin works at Farm Credit in Thomasville.

"Though we may not know this family, she's still from Thomasville, she's still a part of our community, Corbin, who did not want to be interviewed on camera, said. "And I think all of us want to rally around not just the law enforcement folks but the whole family. To let them know we are concerned, and we want to do our part to help bring this nice, sweet lady home."

Others said they hope by continuing to talk about Shirey, she will not be forgotten, and someone will find her.

"We've had some customers come in who are Thomasville residents, who did not know anything about it until they saw the signs," said Wilfred.

The GBI also is encouraging home and business owners with surveillance systems to help in the search.

Investigators ask for footage between July 1-3 to be checked.

Robert Carter II, a Thomasville resident, who was the target of an exhaustive manhunt, is the primary suspect in the disappearance of Shirey.

Officers have now conducted several ground and helicopter searches. Thomas County Sheriff's Captain Steve Jones who has been a part of nearly every helicopter search said their goal is to pinpoint areas of focus.

GBI Special Agent Jamy Steinberg, the lead investigator in this case said they are using every tool, idea, and tip they receive to try and find Shirey.

"Following up on some things that we had seen yesterday while flying yesterday. Just trying to make sure that we hadn't left anything unturned. And I know the city investigators and GBI, and some of our investigators have been working to put the pieces of the puzzle together," said Jones.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the GBI's Thomasville Office at (229) 225-4090.

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