Camilla Fire Department receives $5,000 from firework sales tax

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - One South Georgia fire department received grant funds because of your purchase of fireworks.

A five percent tax has been applied to the sale of fireworks since Georgia made them legal in 2015.

The Camilla Fire Department received over $5,000  in grant funds because of the tax.

Camilla Fire Chief Jamie Sullivan said he was shocked at first when they received the grant because there are over 600 fire departments in the state of Georgia.

They used the funds to purchase 600 feet of hose and two additional nozzles that hold more water than their existing hoses.

Sullivan explained with the newer building models, this will help them put out the blaze quicker.

"The fires are growing hotter and faster and with a limited staff. We felt like a larger hose that gives us a greater gallon per minute flow to fight the fire will make the work environment a lot safer for the firefighters and make them be able to save lives by putting out the fire faster," explained Sullivan.

Sullivan added that by purchasing fireworks, you are supporting your local fire department and hopes everyone will continue to do so.

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