Can you help save a dog's life? The Albany Humane Society needs your help

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Humane Society has 13 dogs who need heroes.

Thirteen dogs have tested positive for heartworms and the Albany Humane Society is asking for community members to step up and save these dogs' lives.

Due to the weather conditions in South Georgia, many dogs are exposed to heartworms and if they don't have the preventative medicine, they will get sick.

Because of the high cost of the medicine, the humane society simply cannot treat all of the dogs.

"A lot of times heartworm positive dogs completely get overlooked for adoption and so if you're able to help us bring them back to good health or even adopt one, yeah, you're a hero in our eyes and that dog's eyes and a lot of the times the community's eyes," said Albany Humane Society Executive Director Jonathan Sizemore.

You can also sponsor the heartworm treatment for the animals by contacting the Albany Humane Society at (229) 888-7387.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet but want to get to know it a little better first, the Albany Humane Society has a program for you.

You are able to pick up an adoptable pet from the Albany Humane Society and take them on a doggy date.

The date can be for a trip to the park, pet store or even your home. Daters will have the option of a few hours, overnight or even the full weekend.

Essentially the program is a temporary foster program where people get to interact with the animal in a different environment.

Officials with the humane society explained shelter life can be rough for the animals and they have the chance to open up when they go on dates.

"So the shelter is pretty stressful, so they can act a lot differently in the shelter than out of the shelter and that's what we've found out about a lot of our dogs that have gone on dates. It's had a pretty good success rate with adoption so far, so we will continue doing it," explained Sizemore.

There will be an adoption event with discounted prices this Saturday at the Flint Riverquarium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

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