Special Report- Safe and Sound; Car safety

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Most people use a car every single day, but with this regular routine, we can sometimes forget the simple things like locking your car doors when you park at home.

A purse out in the open is a prime example of what burglars are looking for. Especially if you leave that car door unlocked. All they have to do is grab and go!

"Make sure you take all of your guns and all of your valuables, everything needs to at least be out of plain sight," said Sgt. Rodney Wells with Albany Police.

It seems so simple and we've heard it time and time again but your personal belongings shouldn't be where someone can just walk up to your car and see what you have inside.

"We have experienced an influx of entering autos and things of that nature and in most of the cases the people actually did leave their cars unlocked and the keys inside the car," said Wells.

Situations like these foster crimes of opportunity.

"As far as parking your car, make sure it's in a well-lit area, be aware of your surroundings when you're walking to your car. If you see anyone lurking or basically looking out of place, if you see something, call us and let us know," said Wells.

Frequently, you see people walking with headphones on, with their eyes on their phone screen. But you should be looking around you to make sure someone isn't following you.

And it's an oldie but a goody: mace on your keychain can help in the event of someone following you or trying to attack you.

"That is a good thing to have. It's a self-defense type of tool that we also carry on our gun belts so we use it as well, that is a good tool you just need to know when to use it or not, that's the thing," said Wells.
Don't forget to grab all your things out of the car and lock the door.

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