School shootings spark universal training for South GA law enforcement

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - The impact of several recent shootings that left school children dead has law enforcement taking precautions, preparing for the worst.

Officers from all over South Georgia gathered in Worth County to learn the same strategies and tactics on how to respond to an active shooter.

Worth County Sheriff Donald Whitaker contacted the Georgia Public Safety Training Center requesting this active shooter exercise to be for all surrounding agencies, Poulan Police Department, Sylvester Police, Worth County Sheriff's Office, and Bainbridge Police Department.

The training will be universal so every department is on the same page on responding to an active shooter.

It doesn't matter what agency the officers go to because they are all universally trained.

"It's not one single agency that responds, it's several guys from different agencies, it's even people who are off duty. If they have received the same amount of training then we can respond the same way and people can expect other guys to do what they know is suppose to happen," said Jared York, an Instructor with Georgia Public Safety Training Center.

"There has not been a lot of integrated training between all of the departments within the county so what we are doing right now is training the police departments and the sheriff's office together in the event something like that happens in this county we can all pull together," said Whitaker.

They will hold another training session Wednesday and after the two sessions, around 40 officers will go through the training.

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center will continue the training over the next few months with more agencies in South Georgia.

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