Humane Society of Valdosta finding abandoned cats and dogs everyday

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Volunteers with the Humane Society of Valdosta are finding abandoned dogs and cats everyday. They say these animals will not be able to survive on their own, in this heat for very long.

Volunteers with the Valdosta Humane Society had just gotten word that a puppy had been left to starve to death on a road. Something they said happens at least a few times a week.

"Everyday. Everyday. It's okay if you can't keep them, but keep them until we can find a new place for them," said Debbie Rumker, with the Humane Society of Valdosta.

Rumker said they may be able to save the puppy in the picture they just received, but it was too late for one abandoned in a cage two days ago.

"I found the little girl in the crate. She was deceased, but I did scan her and there was no chip," said Rumker.

She said there is no excuse for people abandoning their dogs and cats. She says the humane society does all they can to give the animals a fighting chance, a chance she says they won't get if they are dumped on the side of the road.

"It's illegal to leave any animal like that, to abandon them. If they don't want them, there are tons of resources out there. We've got the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, we have Humane Society of Valdosta," said Rumker.

She also said the main reason people leave their dogs and cats is because they don't realize the responsibility they are.

"They take them in because it was just like a reflex. They just thought they were cute. They're going to take them home Then they get them home and they realize they're work. There is money to be spent on them. And then when they don't want them, it's just easier to dump them," Rumker said.

Rumker asks you to please contact the humane society if you need to find a new home for your pet, or if you have seen an abandoned dog or cat on the street.

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