Albany utility crews repair 3rd Avenue pipe leak

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany crews were out this morning repairing pipes after a water leak on 3rd Avenue.

Officials said everyone's water in that area is back on.

Albany Utilities made repairs to a water line leak in the 1500 block of West 3rd Avenue. It was reported by a woman who asked to remain anonymous.

"I came home the other day, I think it was Thursday afternoon, and right across the street there, there was a crack in the road and water was just spewing out on its own," she said.

The woman said she is shocked it took them so long to come out and make the repairs.

"They sent somebody out and all they did was put a cone out and they're just now, today is the first day I'm seeing them do anything over there," she explained.

She has lived in this area for 35 years and said this is not the first water leak to happen.

"We had one right down here, same thing, about halfway down, a crack in the road. But it was coming out a lot worse and they did the same thing, they left it running for over a week," she said.

City of Albany spokesperson Monique Broughton-Knight could not confirm if there have been previous leaks in the area or when the report for this recent leak was made, but she said the pipes are only replaced when needed.

"It was told to me that these water lines are probably 30, 40 years old so it was time to go ahead and replace them," said Knight.

Knight said crews repair pipes throughout the city eight to 10 times a week.

"It takes a couple of hours to get out, dig up the holes, replace the lines and then move on to other leak reports throughout the city," said Knight.

The water lines are back on and the woman just hopes it doesn't happen again.

"It is frustrating to go that long with a problem, with an issue and be the one calling in to make the complaint or make them aware of something going on and it take them this long to get out there. But we are just glad to see them doing anything, anything to help," she explained.

City leaders said Public Works crews will be out if not Wednesday, sometime this week to finish repairing the road.

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