Officials see increase in prison phone scams

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Phone scams are on the rise and thieves are using well-known law enforcement officers' names to lure money from victims.

That's according to the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, which has seen an increase in cases.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd said scammers have used his name, the sheriff's names, court bailiff and even training directors' names to get people to send them money.

Dodd said the crimes likely stem from nearby prisons.

Scammers call random numbers pretending to be public figures.

Dodd said scammers will call and say a person didn't show up for court or missed a subpoena, and it's $1,000 dollars to pay it back.

"What they do is they get you to go buy Green Dot cards like I said and then you give them the numbers off the Green Dot card and one guy's talking to you and another guy is typing on the smartphone and he is calling out the numbers like repeating them to you, to make sure he's got them right. And the gentlemen with him is going to be dialing them in and they get sent to an account."

Deputies want to remind you not to answer unknown numbers and contact the sheriff's office immediately if you receive one of these calls.

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