ASU Police and students simulate active shooter training

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany State University Police Officers are tackling how to handle emergency situations.

Police officers conducted an active shooter drill where ASU students played a role.

Four police officers used fake guns to bombard Hall Five and clear the scene.

To complete the exercise, officers found the perpetrator in a student's dorm and apprehended him.

They handled the situation as if it were real life.

ASU Police Chief John Fields said repetition is key for the officers to practice these potential incidents.

"My goal in this event is to get a better understanding of what an active shooter event entails and to provide knowledge, skills and abilities to the officers at the ASU Police Department," said Marcus Guess, Chief Investigator, ASU Police.

Officers also tested the sirens on campus.

Fields says there will be more drills throughout the upcoming school year.

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