South GA adjusting well to hands-free law after week one

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's been one week since Georgia has become a hands-free driving state.

Troopers with Georgia State Patrol said as of Friday, 180 hands-free tickets had been issued statewide since Sunday.

"I have a bluetooth JBL and my car is loaded with all the bells and whistles, so I guess I'm pretty prepared. It hasn't been a big change for me at all," said TyRell Tabb, Georgia Citizen.

After one week of being a hands-free driving state, citizens in Dougherty County said the new law hasn't made their lives any more difficult.

"We started about a week before they even came before the law came by, that way we can be prepared," said Mori Horne, Albany Resident.

One state trooper said so far drivers have been doing well in this area.

"We haven't seen anymore than we were seeing before the law went into effect, actually probably a little bit less," said Trooper Christopher Jewell, Georgia State Patrol, Post 40.

Trooper Jewell said within a week, he only pulled over seven to eight people and most of those incidents were secondary traffic issues.

"A lot of our activities comes from secondary infractions. For example, you stop somebody for speeding and once you get them pulled over, you notice they have a cell phone in their lap," said Trooper Jewell.

Statewide law enforcement issued 180 tickets between Sunday, July 1st and Friday night.

That shows many drivers across the state are adjusting.

"It ain't too bad cause usually you ride around and have a speaker phone anyways because you got too much going on anyways," said Horne.

That's partly because citizens have the right equipment to be in compliance.

"I suggest you get it so you won't have to pay any money. We don't want to get no tickets," said Tabb.

Troopers said even still drivers are constantly asking questions in order to prevent their next ticket.

"From how to install certain devices, how to active certain devices or just to let me know they are aware of the law and it's there, trying to be safer drivers," said Trooper Jewell.

The trooper said the campaigns made available to the public before July 1st, had a huge effect on driver's awareness.

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