UWG ready for 11 SWGA football players to take field

UWG ready for 11 SWGA football players to take field
Wolves getting ready to score (Source: WALB)

Southwest Georgia (WALB) - With football season just around the corner and some of 2018's signees getting ready to hit the college fields for the first time, it's time for a look at West Georgia.

The Wolves are beefing up on South Georgia talent with this years 11 South Georgia's signees.

The Wolves only have seven South Georgia players on their roster and are now more then doubling that number.

Heading into this years roster is Americus-Sumter's Malcolm Mercer will be looking to be a huge help to the defensive as he looks to compete for a starting position a defensive end.

Clinch County's Keb Grady also looking to help the defense as he will take the field to be a part of the defensive backs.

Former 6-A state champs, Lee County has two former Trojans taking the field next year for the Wolves.

Wide Receiver Josh Ashbury and Linebacker Andy Kirt, both looking to make a big difference at University Stadium.

Lowndes' Marcus Gary looking to play a big role at West Georgia as a running back.

Wolves are known for their run game and Gary looking to write his name in stone there as one of the greats.

Thomasville's Kevon Shy hoping to help that receiving core for the Wolves.

Shy known for his speed and elusiveness.

Hoping that can play a big part.

Tift County sending two, Former starting quarterback Griffin Collier and Defensive End Omar Fulton making their way to Wolves County, 200 miles away from home.

Valdosta's Jalen Harrell headed to the Defensive Backs and looking to take a starting spot as well.

And Valwood is proud to send Wide receiver Cam Walker and Kicker John Miller to the Wolves.

All the 2018 signees looking to help make the West Georgia Wolves, the 2018 Division 2 National Champions.

If these players can show what South Georgia football is all about.. then these colleges will see all that South Georgia has to offer.

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