Davis looking to represent Albany for team U.S.A. Baseball

Davis looking to represent Albany for team U.S.A. Baseball
Kameron Davis getting ready to throw the heat (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Kameron Davis is the only 12 year old in the state of Georgia to have a chance at making team U.S.A.s baseball team.

Something he and Steven Williams will have in common.

Now he will be heading out to California, for the opportunity to represent Albany, and his nation.

For many athletes, a routine seems to come with the life style.

When your dreams come true, that's when the hard work pays off.

"I would like to put three letters on my shirt that say U.S.A. so I can represent my country," said Kameron Davis.

For Kameron Davis, he's seeing that hard work pay off now.

Davis has recently been invited to tryout for the U.S.A. U12 baseball team.

A dream come true If you ask Davis.

"I felt good because now I can showcase my talent against kids around the world just like me," said Davis.

His parents can recall the moment he first picked up a bat… they knew this was his calling.

"Well when he was about five years old," said Roosevelt Davis, "he started hitting them out the park and hitting them out the park. Everybody jumped on it, like for him to be able to be a four to five-year-old taking it out the park. He just continued to grow and progress. He got to where he loves it and that's the only thing he wants to do."

For mom, it was waiting to hear her son had been selected as the only U12 player from Georgia, that was her favorite part.

"I was really happy," said Diannacarr Davis. "I was really happy because my nerves was kind of bad these last couple of days waiting. So, once we got the news I was very excited."

But to get this far, Team U.S.A. isn't going to just choose a player just based on talent.

It's Kameron's character that makes him a front runner to represent the nation.

"What he has besides exceptional ability, is that he is so coachable," said Coach Mike Matthews. "That is one of his greatest assets, is that he is so coachable."

When you want to be the best.. there is always someone right behind you trying to do the same.

For Davis and his trainer.. they know this to be true.

To be the best, you need to train like it.

"My opinion, if you start strong, finish strong," said trainer Quincy Davis. "You don't want to slack up, we may stay with light weight. Like they say, if it's not broke don't fix it."

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