Summer sports program keeping athletes on the right track

Summer sports program keeping athletes on the right track

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For the past four years, Dougherty County Extreme Youth Athletics has started up a track program, to help kids around the community pursue their dreams of being a national champion at the junior Olympics.

"We wanted to create a program where we could see the kids year-round," said County Extreme Youth Athletics coach Richard Brigham. "Keep them with us so we kind of know where they at or whatever. Keep them off the streets and have a place that they can call home."

Richard Brigham explaining just one of the ways that Dougherty County Extreme Youth Athletics is helping the community's youth through sports.

"Seeing the need and having kids in sports and football and what not," said Brigham. "We tend to go out to field days and we see a lot of kids that like to run. A lot of kids that like to run with football and track has always been a good sport. In every sport that you do you gotta run."

The program currently has five sports that they offer.

Brigham says that each of their other sports have excelled since adding track.

For Camielle Milledge, she see can see a bright future with track.

"My coaches don't take anything less from me," said Milledge. "They have a drive for me to do what I have to do, get into college and be successful."

Milledge takes part in 9 different events.

The Ruff Riders have had over 15 national champions run for them.

Although Milledge hasn't won a national title yet, that's something she's working so hard to achieve.

"I really want to be a part of that," said Milledge. "To contribute to the ongoing national championships. I really want to, you know, for the upcoming children that's running, I want to be able to say, oh yeah she won one of our national championships."

For these kids, winning is always something they aim to achieve.

But for them, it's just running that makes them happy.

"Like when I'm down I run," said Madison Mitchell, "When I'm supposed to be walking I run. I run during everything."

"When I was in kindergarten," said Ariya Lee, "I would always draw pictures of people running and my teacher would ask me why don't you try track. One time I gave it a try and this will be the only sport that I will be doing."

They all hope for the opportunity to become…

"National Champions!"

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