Two-month Albany mural project now complete

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The mural behind the Bread House restaurant on North Jefferson Street is now complete.

Cordele artist Mark Dennard has been working for almost two months on the project. He said he's dedicating the mural to his father who was the reason he got into painting.

Dennard hopes that the mural will symbolize the city's strength and that it will be a reminder of what Albany looked like before the 1994 flood.

"The main thing is, when you look at the mural, I want it to be an inspiration," said Dennard. "I want it to speak to you. Be your own personal life story. Almost like when you look into the mural, what is it speaking to me, what is it saying to me?"

The mural is located behind the Bread House on 520 North Jefferson Street.

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