City commissioner says sewage spill won't impact downtown's growth

Commissioner BJ Fletcher (Source: WALB)
Commissioner BJ Fletcher (Source: WALB)
Jeannie Yarger, Owner of Flint River Outpost (Source: WALB)
Jeannie Yarger, Owner of Flint River Outpost (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city leaders promise they are doing all the can to prevent another sewage spill in the future.

One business owner said she's still taking her customers down the Flint River and doesn't believe her business will suffer.

Ninety-thousand gallons of raw sewage spilled into the Flint River has bumped one company from moving into downtown Albany. But for Jeannie Yarger, owner of Flint River Outpost, the Flint River is essential for her business.

"We rent canoes, kayaks, double kayaks, we offer guided tours, and shuttle services," said Yarger.

She said the spill stunted business for a short time but it's now back at full speed.

"We ran a group of 18 today and planning on opening back up and running completely again,"  said Yarger.

The city is working to make sure the Flint won't have this issue again.

Commissioner BJ Fletcher is confident the spill will not have a negative impact on the progress of the downtown revitalization.

"We are on the move. Everything we are doing, we are doing right," said Fletcher.

Fletcher said it is disappointing that one business backed out of downtown and hopes they will reconsider.

"I hate when somebody changes plans or something went wrong but it is not going to stop the momentum of downtown," said Fletcher.

As for the spill and the business backing out, Fletcher has high hopes for downtown.

"Life goes on. Downtown is looking good," said Fletcher.

"Hoping to see more business come to downtown and attractions because when our boats come off the river and they stop at downtown it gives them more to do," said Yarger.

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