Lee County hopes to stay ahead of natural disasters

Co-County manager Mike Sistrunk (Source: WALB)
Co-County manager Mike Sistrunk (Source: WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Since hurricane season has arrived, Lee County is considering working with a company who will assist them during any type of natural disaster.

Lee County commissioners are discussing working out contracts with Goodwin Mills and Kay Wood company. They work in conjunction with FEMA to get proposals and contracts to prebid for a storm clean up.

In the event of a disaster, they would have companies respond within 48 hours.

The companies would do things like hauling trees, siding or other storm debris and evacuate and clean up the county.

If the county has the contracts already set up like this before a disaster happens, FEMA will give the county 2 percent back for FEMA payments.

Co-County Manager Mike Sistrunk said that if something were to happen like the 2017 tornado, they want to be ready.

"If this were to happen to us, we want to make sure we're just as prepared. We know our surrounding cities and counties would help us, but there's nothing like having everything set up. That way they're contracted to come in here," explained Sistrunk.

This partnership has not been approved by the commissioners yet and they will vote on the matter at the next meeting June 26.

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