Lowndes County School District increases security measures

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Lowndes County Superintendent Wes Taylor said that the district took a hard look at the current safety plan after several school shootings nationwide.
As a result, they decided it was time to step up security measures to continue to protect the lives of students, faculty and staff.

"With the increased number of school shootings across the country, unfortunately, it's almost become old news and we don't become nearly as alarmed as we should," said Taylor.

Security stays at the top of the school district's priority list, as child safety is one of the top priorities of any learning institution.

In light of many school shootings in the past few years, the Lowndes County School District is working to improve the safety of its students.

"Our safety and security plan overall takes on a multifaceted approach and certainly that has been intensified of late, with the increased number of school shootings across the country," explained Taylor.

One of the measures will be locking all doors from the outside at all times.

When asked if this would create a fire hazard, Taylor explained that the doors will not be locked to those inside.

"It's a normal hardware setup that you're able to just, by merely twisting the knob to unlock the door If a locked down drill is initiated, the door's already locked," explained Taylor.

When asked what if a student is caught out in the hall during a lock-down where an intruder has entered and can not get in, Taylor said protocols for exiting the building will be in place for those who have the ability to escape.

"Maybe a situation where we employ one of the procedures we have in place, run, hide, fight. if you're in a situation where you can exit the building and get away and get out of the building," explained Taylor.

More Student resource officers will be at schools, especially Lowndes High.

Since the school's upcoming expansion will bring construction crews and other people on the campus, Taylor said that checking IDs will be more thorough for all visitors.

"We take the security and the safety of our students serious, it's paramount in our priorities and what we do," said Taylor.

Taylor said that once construction starts, they will also be mandated to keep track of all employees when near school grounds.

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