Thomasville police seek $1 million in damages from city


The Thomasville police chief and seven other police officers are seeking $1 million in damages from the city of Thomasville.

According to the letter, the group accused Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs of abusing his power and violating Georgia’s Whistleblower Protection Act.

A letter was delivered to city leaders on Monday by Moultrie Attorney Robert Howell and obtained by our partners at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

According to the letter, the mayor ordered a Thomasville police officer to write a defamatory letter about the department's executive and supervisory staff back in December.

The group, which includes Thomasville Police Chief Troy Rich, claims the 11-page letter was then distributed by the mayor to Thomasville city council members and member-elects. 

According to Howell’s letter, Hobbs denied knowing about the document. The affected TPD employees later filed grievances against both the officer and Mayor Hobbs.

The letter goes on to say the officer was placed on administrative leave in February after telling city officials he was ordered by the mayor to write the letter.

The attorney for the group also claims that Chief Rich learned Mayor Hobbs interviewed a replacement for his position last month, which Howell claims is an attempt to terminate the chief without cause.

As of Wednesday, no lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the chief and TPD officers.

WALB reached out to Thomasville Spokesperson Sheryl Sealy who said the mayor was not available to talk and they have no comment. We also reached out to Howell and are waiting to hear back.

We will continue to give you updates as the case develops.

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