Crisp Co. residents plan to keep fighting after commissioners decide to rezone land

Joel Owens, Crisp county resident (Source: WALB)
Joel Owens, Crisp county resident (Source: WALB)

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - A number of Crisp County residents are furious after the board of commissioners voted in favor of rezoning a South Georgia property from single-family residential to industrial.

The property is directly adjacent to Georgia Veterans State Park and is on South Coney Road.

Many residents argue the request is a classic case of spot zoning, which is illegal under state law.

A representative from Commodity Distribution Systems, LLC told commissioners they were interested in using the property to store railroad cars and railroad lines, yards and stations.

The biggest concern from residents is what those rail cars could be hauling. They said chemicals, acid and fertilizer could easily wash into the river system, hurting area wildlife.

Despite those concerns, the county voted unanimously to approve that request, giving Commodity Distribution System, LLC permission to use the property.

Residents say this is not the end and they are taking the matter to superior court.

"That lake and the state park serves people from Albany, from Americus, from Cordele, from Vienna, from Worth County, from all over. Everybody in this community comes to that lake and to zone an industrial tract of land literally right by the state park is absolutely insane," said resident Joel Owens.

Some residents said they've hired an attorney and will appeal the board's vote.

WALB reached out to the Board of Commissioners concerning their decision. Four of the five commissioners we were able to ask declined to comment, due to pending litigation.

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