Albany commissioners updated on sewage spill

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We now know the official reasoning behind the recent spill of 90,000 gallons of sewage into the Flint River. Jacobs, the company contracted to manage the 100-plus lift stations in the city, tells commissioners that it was because of equipment failure. They said the notification system also failed, which is why they were late to get the information.

At the meeting, commissioners talked about the approval of some $62,000 to rebuild a separate pump. They also talked about rebuilding the broken pump at lift station 26. Jacobs said that repair should last about five years.

They pay this company close to a million dollars a year to monitor these stations. They say most of the pumps are due to be replaced, but that would come at a hefty price tag.

"There were multiple pump failures that caused it, but all of those pumps are in repair now, and one of them we're probably going to make a recommendation for replacement," said Andy Appleton, Vice President, Jacobs.  "There's some things you can repair for less expensive, and it extends the life for just as much as replacing them, and so we're just trying to be as responsible as we can with the ratepayers' money."

They add excess rainfall can cause stress to the lift station but overall the city is not to blame for the sewage spill. There are no fines at this time, but Jacobs would ultimately be responsible if the EPD found the system is not up to safety standards.

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