Valdosta-Lowndes EMA takes new electrical training class

Valdosta-Lowndes EMA takes new electrical training class

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Valdosta-Lowndes Emergency Management Agency is working to be prepared for any worst case scenario, as hurricane season gets underway.

South Georgia has already been a part of some pretty heavy storms as we enter the 2018 hurricane season and with those storms come dangerous conditions like downed power lines, fallen trees, and power outages.

The Valdosta-Lowndes Emergency Management team got new training to better prepare for hazardous conditions to keep you safe.

"What we're doing here today is an electrical class on downed power lines, trees on power lines, and this is the start of the hurricane season," said Lowndes County Fire Marshall Lloyd Green.

The Colquitt EMC safety team spiced up the class with some live demos of what can happen when power lines are down, or if they're hit by trees.

"Just a line down. It is energized and it's looking for a ground, so when you come in between the line and ground, or earth ground, that's when you become the conductor, and that electricity runs through you," explained Green.

Colquitt EMC explained that a live electrical line will insulate itself with whatever is around it, and if touched by the hands of a person, will electrify them, without giving them the opportunity to let go.

They demonstrated this by using a hotdog, showing electricity flowing through the hotdog, frying it on the inside, but not the out.

"We have to mitigate the hazard with the understanding that any line down is a charged line until the power company says it's not, and safe for us to keep going," stated Green.

Lowndes County EMA reminds community members to call 911 if you see a downed line, and to keep your distance.

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