Rain showers create peanut crop concerns

Rain showers create peanut crop concerns
Bob Kemerait. (Source: WALB)
Bob Kemerait. (Source: WALB)
Albert Culbreath. (Source: WALB)
Albert Culbreath. (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Rainy days have done some damage to peanut crops in the area.

WALB spoke with a few peanut experts on what's happening to the crops and how farmers can get head of the tropical season.

"We're standing here in a peanut field on the Tift County-Worth County line. We've had three weeks, two and a half to three weeks of rain and that really kept a lot of our peanut growers and other growers out of the field from making timely planting for their crops," said Bob Kemerait.

Kemerait is an extension specialist in the Plant Pathology Department at the University of Georgia.

He said the recent rain will affect the crops for the rest of the season.

"The problem is right now, we need it to stop raining for a little bit," said Kemerait.

He said while rain has its benefits, it's this season where plants are prone to diseases.

"One of the biggest problems with standing water is not only does it keep the growers out of the field but it can also impede the growth and development of the crop".

Albert Culbreath agrees. He is a plant pathologist and says the rain is essentially drowning the crops, making it harder for them to breathe.

"That wet weather will have a huge impact on the disease we encounter. A lot of time the germination and vigor a lot of damping off or death of the seed or the seedlings that come up because of too much moisture is another factor," said Culbreath.

Both Culbreath and Kemerait agree there isn't much farmers can do. Kemerait says timing is key for this process and you should be aggressive when protecting your crop with fungicides.

"If we expect wet weather, be more timely, and go in earlier," said Kemerait.

Growers are encouraged to contact their local extension agencies if they are seeking help with their crops.

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