Crime on the rise in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - "Everybody, has a responsibility for dealing with our crime situations," said Dougherty County Commissioner John Hayes, "but it is everybody's problem."

Dougherty County Commissioner John Hayes says he's fed up with violence in Albany streets.

It comes one day after a man was shot in the back on Dorsett Avenue while walking home.

Its one of 79 cases Albany Police have worked that involve handguns.

Commissioner Hayes says that this may not be the community's fault, but it is our problem.

"That means that the community is going to have to come together to deal with the problem," said Hayes.

Hayes says some reasons may be connected to some of the poverty-stricken areas around Albany.

He hopes the revitalization of downtown and other surrounding areas will create jobs and lower violence.

"We have also seen some social economic impact there," said Hayes. "Which means we have got to continue to do the best work to create jobs."

For many residents, this issue is concerning.

Some parents are worried these problems could impact their families.

"As a mother," said Linda Davis, "I'm concerned about how it affects my children. Like I said I have confidence in the police force."

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley says he and his staff are making sure they are doing all they can to keep the streets safe.

"Yes we will increase the patrols," said Persley. "Yes, we will conduct the special operations. Yes we will arrest those who commit a crime and send them through the court system. I do want the viewers to know that they should not feel scared to walk out of their homes. You can go about your daily business."

Chief Persley said he needs the community's help in order to put an end to violence, and if you do see something, you are advised to call the police.

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