Editorial: Teachers and guns

Teacher and guns

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Recently, the Fannin County school board in north Georgia voted unanimously to arm teachers with guns who volunteer to carry them.

Those teachers will be allowed to have guns holstered, but not allowed to have them in purses or bags.

Talks about arming teachers have been ongoing across the nation this year after the latest school shootings in Florida, Texas, and most recently, Maryland.

It's a conversation we took to the Dougherty County school system, and unlike Fannin county, they plan to keep guns out of the classroom.

"The more effective route is to do what school district across the nation are doing and that's building strong partnerships with local law enforcement, local public responders, training our teachers and staff, providing the mental health resources for our students that they need and giving them options to be able to report things when they see it," said J. D. Sumner, a Spokesperson for the Dougherty Co. School System.

Dougherty County schools are on the right track. Safety is always of the utmost importance, but putting a gun in the hands of a teacher, and creating the potential for more danger to our children, is not the way to go.

Right now is the time that school districts should upgrade their security protocols, reinforce safety training with their staff, and outsource police or security services with the skills to use weapons, if necessary.

Arming teachers is an easy fix, but it certainly isn't the smartest.

Let's keep our teachers focused on educating south Georgia's future leaders, and leave the guns in the hands of hired personnel with the training to keep schools safe.

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