Lowndes Co. gives away free larvicide

Lowndes Co. gives away free larvicide
(Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - With the large amount of rainfall we have been experiencing in South Georgia, Lowndes County wants to help protect you from the increase of mosquitoes.

Lowndes County's Public Works department is giving away free larvicide which targets mosquitoes in their immature stage of growth.

County officials said the high number of mosquitoes will likely continue until we start to see more sunny days.

County Spokesperson Paige Dukes suggested a number of ways to avoid mosquitoes this summer.

"Besides that clean up, the other thing that we can do is make sure all of our shrubbery is trimmed, we are the Azaleas City. We've got beautiful azaleas around our community but azaleas are one of the plants that mosquitoes love," explained Dukes.

A big factor in regulating the mosquito population is being cautious of standing water.

Crews will give out free larvicide through the summer months until supplies run out.

The larvicide can be picked up at the Lowndes County Public Works Department during regular business hours.

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