Thomasville Utilities addressed community's concerns

Thomasville Utilities addressed community's concerns
Harper Elementary

(WALB) - Thomasville community members got to address their concerns about their utility bills Tuesday night at a meeting at the Harper Elementary School gym.

The entire Thomasville community uses Thomasville Utilities.

Many residents who came to the meeting said they don't understand how the billing works and why they get charged the amount they do for utilities.

Thomasville Director of Engagement and Outreach Lauren Radford said the goal of Tuesday's meeting was to answer those questions.

"We'll actually have customer service on staff to schedule appointments with anyone who would like to sit down and really go through their bill, line by line," said Radford.

The city wants to help customers understand the rates, how they compare to other cities across the state and what they can do as consumers to save money.

There was also a Q&A for anyone with questions to have their concerns heard.

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