McCoy: Dougherty Co. could run out of money in October

McCoy: Dougherty Co. could run out of money in October
Interim Dougherty County Administrator Mike McCoy (Source: WALB)
Interim Dougherty County Administrator Mike McCoy (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County commissioners say if they don't increase revenue now, they will run out of money by October.

The county is bringing a consultant group in next week to discuss options for increasing revenue.

"In layman's terms, we'll run out of money and we can't pay our bills," said Interim County Administrator Michael McCoy.

Dougherty County commissioners met on Monday to discuss this year's fiscal budget.

The discussion included the fact that the county will run out of money by October if it doesn't increase its revenue.

"To cash flow the county for three months, it requires about $12.5 million," said McCoy. "We have a little over $12 million on hand and that would get us to October and we'd be out, we couldn't cash flow."

The county has been using its reserve funds, but now it is about to run out.

"For the last couple years we had to hit it pretty hard, which puts us down below where we need to be with our fund balance for us paying or bills at the end of the year before we start receiving taxes," said Dougherty County Commissioner Lamar Hudgins.

Dougherty County is bringing in the consultant group Piper Jaffery to give the county options on how to make it through the end of this budget and increase its revenues.

"It has come to a point that we're going to run out of reserves if we don't do something to discontinue using reserves to patch our budget, so that's why we've brought consultants on board to figure out what we can do to address this problem," explained McCoy.

The question of raising millage rates to increase the county's revenue came up as well.

"We will be discussing that at our next meeting," said Hudgins.

The county will meet again on June 11 to discuss its options for raising revenue until tax revenue comes in, in November.

"We definitely need to increase our revenues," said Hudgins.

Interim County Administrator Michael McCoy said the consultant group will bring in ways the county can improve and recapitalize its reserve fund before October.

Also discussed at Monday's meeting

Dougherty County Commissioners approved a $750,000 road resurfacing project.

During the commission's monthly meeting, commissioners approved a road resurfacing project.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve spending $750,000 to replace and resurface various roads throughout the county.

They will also be using a Reeves Construction, a company out of Albany, to handle the project.

Chairman Chris Cohilas said it's best to fix the roads now.

Dougherty County Commissioners also approved a $400,000 dollar grant from the state to help the Dougherty County Juvenile Court.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the criminal justice incentive grant.

The grant will be used to grow the functional family use program in juvenile court cases. It will help the program provide counseling services for families with children in the court system.

"It's not throwing kids in jail or putting them into a YDC," said Cohilas. "It's actually addressing some of the root problems with families so we can actually help the families help themselves and to keep these children from coming back to our YDC."

The program is running already, but commissioners said the program will now be able to grow because of the grant.

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