Bainbridge group offers summertime feeding program

Bainbridge group offers summertime feeding program
kidz and kopz bus taking the Bainbridge children back home after lunch (Source: WALB)
Food being brought to a hungry child (Source:WALB)
Food being brought to a hungry child (Source:WALB)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - In Bainbridge, something big is happening.

What may seem to be a small group of kids receiving a meal in a room may look to be no big deal, but to these kids, it means everything.

On Monday nine kids had the opportunity to hang out with some of their friends, enjoy a meal and just be kids. Something they may not have had the chance to do without the help of Kidz and Kopz.

The organization began in 2014 when Billy Ward and Sgt. David Cutchin saw a need in the community.

Ward's hope is that they can feed every kid.

"I hope this will be a starting factor for a lot of communities as you said, worldwide, nationwide. These kids need our attention, they need our adults' involvement," said Ward.

Although the number on Monday was small, the need is still great.

"We started the summer nutrition program because we thought we could help the community by bringing some meals to some kids who might not be getting a meal during the summer," explained Cutchin.

One in six kids in the United States face hunger during the summertime, and many in the Bainbridge community are doing their part to ensure kids don't face that problem.

"These kids might not have a meal today if it wasn't for this program. It's a wonderful program. The crowd was small today, the crowd was the smallest I've ever seen. Last year we had as many as 70 and I hope to see that by the end of this week, I think it'll pick up," said Rosalyn Palmer with the Bainbridge City Council.

It takes a village to raise a child, and if this village is filled with community members like this, then these kids will grow to do anything.

"I just wish we could have had a whole lot more today. But they'll be here. No doubt in my mind they'll be here," said Palmer.

Monday was the first day of the program but Kidz and Kopz will run until June 28.

If you would like to find more summer feeding programs in Southwest Georgia, you can do so here.

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