SWGA farmers struggle to keep crops healthy through wet weather

SWGA farmers struggle to keep crops healthy through wet weather

Farmers all over Southwest Georgia are starting to get nervous as the amount of rainfall the area received in May is destroying crops and setting them back in production.

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - "Southwest Georgia usually can manage a lot of things, one thing we cannot manage is excessive rain," said Dollar Farms CEO Thomas Dollar.

And most of that rain has rotted a lot of the crops, especially wheat.

"We have only had one or two days at a time that it has not rained and we've only had eight to 12 inches of rain, but it's got the fields saturated in different places and we can't get under the fields and finish harvesting the crops," explained Dollar.

However, Dollar said cotton prices are at their highest since 2014 at 88 cents per pound. So, if they can get their cotton planted and yield enough of it, it can help offset other declines, but farmers are running out of time.

"Seven days, it'll sure be critical for us because we know we will not make the yields to make it profitable if we don't plant those crops," said Dollar.

It has rained 16 out of the last 22 days and they need at least three to four days of no rain before they can take the combine out to harvest the crops.

"We've already seen dramatic yield loss and damage to our wheat and oats. A lot of the wheat and oats will not be used for seeds because it rotted in the field," Dollar explained.

This weather has also negatively affected the farm supplies.

"Because of the weather, it's pushed our fertilizer sales and our chemical sales and our planting back," said Dollar.

However, Dollar said that if the rain stops now, he will yield plenty of tomatoes and watermelons, if not Dollar Farms will continue to see greater declines in its crops.

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